Justin Moore Brings More Than Thunder To Country Thunder


Justin Moore played for 25,000 fans at Country Thunder in Florence Arizona on April 14, 2013 (Photo: Michael Todd)

Florence, AZ (April 14, 2013) – The fourth and final day of Country Thunder 2013 proved the promoters of the event saved the best for last (sort of). Although Lady Antebellum was the headliner for the night, it was Justin Moore who brought the event full circle and proved why Country Thunder is the Premier Country Music Festival After covering the event for four days, and knowing that Lady Antebellum was a “can’t miss” performance I made the decision to sit out the Justin Moore concert. About ten minutes before the show started something struck me that I should do my job and go take in the concert. I’m not sure what made me change my mind, but off the concerts I’ve been to, this one rates at the top.

For anyone who has heard Justin Moore on the radio, his voice is booming and solid. I imagined a big guy coming out on the state. To my surprise the star of the night wasn’t such a big guy, physically. His stage performance is larger than life. Its not just the musical talent that makes Justin Moore so big, its his true sense of humanity.

There was something almost magical about the performance. Moore’s command of the stage and the crowd is a couple steps above the major leagues. I’m not sure how to puts words together to describe him. I guess the best thing to say is if you weren’t one of the 25,000 people who were at the sold out Country Thunder, you really missed out.

Perhaps the best way to describe Justin Moore is a phrase: “Genuine, sincere and raw talent coupled with a little bit down home country boy”.

Refusing to stay in any one area of the stage for long, Moore used up every inch of the gigantic stage. Midway through the concert, Moore headed to the furthest end of the stage, smacking hands with the crowd and signing autographs all the while singing top hits such as “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away”, “Small Town USA” “Til My Last Day” and a slew of other hits.

Proving he could connect with the crowd better than most, he took a moment to tell the crow he was proud of his Christianity. He then let loose with one of the most amazing versions of “Amazing Grace” thats ever been done. He went on to tell the crowd he still takes his own trash to the street every week and does his best to be home every Sunday for family time.

Show time was at 7pm. At 6:59 I wasn’t much of a fan. By 7:05 I was a fan, and by 7:30 I was beginning to feel really stupid not realizing how many great songs Justin Moore has recorded. By the end of the show, I was thinking to myself it would be perfectly fine if he just played a few songs a second time and perhaps even a third and fourth. I was a super fan! Today before writing this article I headed to my local music store and purchased a Justin Moore CD. If you were at Country Thunder you saw one of the best. If you weren’t there, you better check Moore’s website and find out where you can see him play next.

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